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Yes.  We have a complete jewelry repair service for silver, gold, and platinum.

How long will my repair take?
We perform some repairs in-house, and others are sent to our shop. Most repairs
are completed within 1-10 days depending on the complexity of the repair.  Please
ask your sales associate for a time estimate.

I lost a stone.  Can it be replaced?
Of course!  Our experts will carefully search for a matching gemstone so that your
piece looks good as new!

I want to place a special order from one of your catalogs.  How long will that
Most catalog orders are received by us within a week - 2-3 days is common.  
Please ask your sales associate at the time of order when your piece will be
delivered.  Expedited delivery is also available at an additional charge.

Do you ever run a SALE?
Our jewelry is discounted every day.  We do not run special sales as we do not sell
our jewelry at full retail cost.  

I want to design my own piece of jewelry.  Is that possible?
Absolutely!  Our staff will help you to design your own piece.  Please ask.

I am looking for an engagement ring.  What do you have available?
We offer a full selection of diamonds - all shapes, sizes, and carat weights.  You tell
us what you are looking for, and we will make it available to you.  We also offer
settings independently of the diamonds - pick your own, or let us help you to find
your special setting!

I really like a specific piece, but you have it in white gold and I want it in
yellow gold.  Can it be ordered in yellow or white?
Most jewelry is available in both white gold and yellow gold.  Please ask us if you
don't see exactly what you want in our current inventory!

Still haven't answered your question?  Please contact us!

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